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Functional Bilingual Literacy Centre (FBLC) Meluf / Kumbo


Barnabas Veryu

Teacher (English, French):

Serophine Ngha

Teacher (mathematics, English):

Peter Wirba


Theresia Herbe Ngocan
Christopher Shey

Teachers and students of FBLC (May 2007)

The women’s literacy group Meluf was founded in 2005 by village farmers. Juggling house and field work, eight women met together to learn how to read, write, and calculate. These women, who had either never gone to school or completed their education, met in the living room of an old man’s house, who volunteered his time to teach them. It was an inspiring sight to witness how the women joined together after a hard days work of physical labour in the fields and child care, cramming in the English alphabet during the late afternoon. These mothers were sitting with their books and pencils in a crowded room, studying from a table that was converted into a blackboard, and learnt with amazing energy and joy.
In 2005, a small sum was donated to buy essential working materials like a blackboard and chalk.
In 2007 this little learning circle had grown to an officially registered organization and got the permission of the technical high school (GTHS) to use their facilities. The number of members had risen to over 30, and the women were just as excited and enthusiastic as before.
After consultation with the teachers we decided to buy English and Mathematics books. Studies have shown that learning increases about 50 % if supportive learning materials like books are used.
In a letter written by teacher Peter Wirba it was mentioned that the women are still eager to learn, and that the books have been a great help in the learning process.

Some women by handing over of books in May 2007