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Kid’s Bilingual Nursery and Primary School (KBNPS)


Emelda Kinyuy Foinso

Headmistress in Tobin:

Serophine Ngha

Headmistress in Mbveh:

Evelyn Verbe


P.O. Box 117
North West Province
Cameroon / Africa
Tel.: (+237) 747 672 42

Teachers and pupils of KBNPS (May 2007)

KBNPS is a private nursery and primary school that was founded by parent’s initiative in 1996. The focus was first to establish a nursery school in the village. For African children, the transition from family life into the education system is usually very difficult and many fail right from the beginning.
With the successful management of the school, the interest for a higher quality of education grew. In 1998 the primary section was opened as the first bilingual private school in the municipality. Since this school is private, it is growing slowly and in 2008 the children should graduate for the first time. The school hopes to finally complete primary section with this step. In 2006/2007 the enrolment was 236 students and twelve teachers were employed. The school operates from the student’s own initiative and the motivation of employees. The motto is „Develop the young mind, body and soul“ and is a motivating factor of the teachers.
The school is affiliated to Navti Foundation NGO. Together they organize teacher trainings and cooperate in the volunteer program since 2004.
A very special factor of this school is the love of the teachers to the children. It is not like in public schools were children are beaten hard and openly with sticks or are insulted. In this school, the classes are relatively small, and the teachers are committed. In spring 2007 the school faced serious problems with the landlord and were about to loose their facility. But soon after, a new building with enough space for the children to play was found. The new building was for sale and the owner wanted the sum of 5.5 million CFA (about 8400 €) immediately. Unfortunately, the desired cooperation with other organizations was not successful. Nevertheless, we organized a fund-raising event in the community. Parents and friends of the school donated approximately 250 €, the Navti Foundation NGO sponsored 1500 € and our initiative donated 920 €.
As the new school year began, other facilities were rented to improve the school. The rent is currently paid by donations. It remains an aim of the project to find a permanent site which is going to reduce costs enormously. If the school no longer needs to pay rent and it can finally begin to invest in the quality of education and materials, the people of the region will greatly benefit.

In addition to financial support a school partnership was founded with the Dittes-Grundschule Plauen in 2006. The goal of the school is to create cultural sensitivity for people on both sides, to strengthen insights into the foreign culture, to eliminate prejudices, and improve the exchange between the teachers. In both schools, students learn about the reality in the country of the partner school. Gifts in the form of teaching materials were donated by the German side and posters and musical instruments found their way out of Cameroon to Germany. Also in projects the schools work on the topics, for example presented Dittes-Grundschule an African dance at the school festival. In the recent past, pen friendships have been created and the first contacts began with the new distant friends!
As part of the teacher empowerment initiative, new methods were taught and coaching workshops were facilitated in May 2007. It is crucial not only to improve the material situation, but also the methods in the classroom to bring the school forward.

Delivery of the posters in Cameroon

Teacher training